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I ate the whole damn bar!

Soreen - Malt Loaf.

I’ve had two very interesting experiences over the past week.

Both involved Soreen malt loaf.

If you like in the UK, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the beauty that is The Food Warehouse by Iceland.

If not, I cannot convey in words just how much you’re missing out.

Honestly, every single aisle is laden with delights.

Anyway, something I’m rather partial to…is a couple slices of Soreen Malt Loaf.

Something about the combination of gooey, fruity goodness and the binding of your tongue to your pallet.

So I’m standing in Iceland, trying to make a decision.

Option 1: A pack of Soreen Malt Loaf lunchbox bars. (33g) each. Option 2: A “giant” Malt Loaf. (260g)

The former fat kid in me gravitates towards the “giant” bar that is (of course) a single serving and no more.

Now, don’t judge me OK?

I ate the giant bar in less than 2 minutes.

At 780kcal a bar you’d of thought it would be pretty filling right? Or at least satisfying.

A few days later, I found myself in the same aisle, looking for treats.

As I reached for the same bar, saner thoughts prevailed and I reached for the lunchbox pack instead.

This time, even the naive folks at Iceland call this a single serving… around 95kcals.

Later as I tucked into one, I realised something.

The lunchbox bar was maybe an eighth of the giant Soreen bar. However a lot more satisfying to consume.

I realised that there is a little bit of satisfaction in just being able to eat all of something.

Having only 3 bites of a larger bar was unsatisfying because I knew just how much remained.

All you want after 3 is a 4th.

But after eating the WHOLE malt loaf, you don’t immediately want another…that would be barbaric!

So here’s a little lesson in diet psychology. While this may seem stupid and insignificant, these little things matter.

1. Eat puddings with a teaspoon to make it last longer. 2. Use smaller plates to make portions seem bigger. 3. Buy single servings and smaller packets so that you get to eat all of it.

Often the biggest results come from the smallest, simplest changes.

In fact, our entire philosophy is to “do fewer things, better”.

Simplify your diet and training, focus on the basics and learn to love the day to day process.

When you’ve got that in place, making TINY tweaks will create huge changes.

Speaking of tiny changes…

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Healthy Regards,

Coach Transformed by Spence



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