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“How did ‘Alpha Male Traits’ suit you, Sir?”

How did you find the 5 habits? Easy to implement right? Stick with them and make them part of your ROUTINE not just things you do every now and again when you remember, the results lie in consistency.

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed as “clinically obese” I weighed in at 16 stone at the age of 16. I was a walking dough ball.

Till I discovered the key to shredding weight; but most importantly, body fat, this was down to hormone balance.

Once you get a grip of your testosterone levels your body will naturally pack on muscle and strip body fat, it will naturally broaden your shoulders and drop facial fat giving you a square jaw.

It will naturally make your beard thicker (if of course you opt to have one) – I currently have a pathetic attempt of a moustache for raising awareness for Movember donate HERE, your confidence will be higher and it will even naturally make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Its ridiculous how powerful testosterone is yet it’s still on everyones s*%t list, they would rather follow a magazine workout built by someone who controls their hormones artificially.

You need a workout that focuses on priming your body for maximum strength, power, size, definition and perfect hormone balance.

When you follow something perfect, you can notice the changes that occur. In just 12 weeks Ant assumed he just FELT better, but then after taking a picture he noticed that in just 84 days his shape had drastically changed.

By following a plan designed for men who want to get more muscle and drop their body fat, that cuts through the filler and just gives you stuff that is going to see serious results, we manage to send testosterone through the roof.

This aids the training on packing on lean quality muscle, broadening the shoulders and cutting fat away from the core.

So I want to give you a new session to add into your routine, a session from my Alpha Blueprint programme. The purpose of this sessions is to add mass and width to your shoulders and over all frame. Make sure you take a picture before you add this session into your routine, and every few weeks after, the changes you will see will keep you motivated and hungry to keep pushing forward.

1. Deadlift – 4 sets – 12/10/8/6 reps 2 minutes rest between sets.

2. Lateral raises – 4 sets – 12/10/8/5 2 minutes rest between sets.

3. Clean & press – 4 sets – 8/8/6/6 2 minutes rest between sets.

4. Shrugs – 3 sets – 14/14/14 90 seconds rest between sets.

5. Arnold press – 3 sets – 8/6/6 90 seconds rest between sets.

For more testosterone boosting workouts and plans. Or for a consultation to see where you are lacking the correct exercises to build a killer physique or unsure of what t-boosting foods to eat. Get in touch where we can create a tailor made plan to get you alpha as f%*k!


Spencer Lissamore

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