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German Volume Training (GVT)

SLFApp with the GVT Programme pre installed.

It’s been a staple of every gym goer for years and you probably use it yourself.

The standard 4 sets of 10.

It’s a proven way to build muscle, there’s no doubt about it. But are there other ways? Better ways? Faster ways?

The answer is YES!

Introducing: German Volume Training also known as ‘GVT’.

You may or may not know about German Volume Training. It’s been around since the ‘70s.

It was first used by, you guessed it, the Germans! Then our good friends across the pond adopted the method for their weightlifters as a quick way to move up in class.

It’s not been uncommon for some lifters, even experienced ones, to gain up-to 10 pounds of muscle using GVT.

It’s based on the principle of volume.

Instead of using the standard approach of 4 sets of 10. It takes things to a whole new level…

Using GVT requires you to perform 10 sets of 10 with compound lifts. (There’s a reason for this which you’ll learn shortly).

As well the huge amount of volume, the GVT method also uses super sets and sometimes tri-sets, making it even more intense.

The 10×10 approach is used with the first two lifts (compound) then a more traditional approach is taken with the smaller (accessory) lifts.

There’s a reason for this. Compound lifts are taxing. They use multiple muscles and therefore require you to recruit more muscle fibres. Adding in volume to this means all those muscle fibres are being stimulated even more leading to greater growth.

This is just one of the reasons why GVT is a superior method to add serious mass.


Here are 3 other reasons to use GVT:

1. It boosts your metabolism. The newly added muscle mass means your metabolic rate increases which will allow you to burn fat faster.

2. You’ll recruit redundant muscle, one of the reasons GVT is a serious mass builder. Untapped potential is finally achieved.

3. It promotes the increased release of your natural growth hormone, which is vital when building muscle. The volume makes makes this possible.


The SLFApp houses all these types of workout strategies and more.

A digital downloadable program so that you too can benefit from this method of training without the guesswork.

With three different progressive phases, you’ll be taken through the 12 weeks with the sole aim of packing on as much size as possible.

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SLFApp with the GVT Programme pre installed.
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