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Four SLFitness Morning Fat Burning Tips


One of the most effective ways of increasing your metabolic function and speeding up fat loss is by drinking a pint of water when you first wake up. You should already be consuming a minimum of 2 litres of water per day just to meet your bare minimum daily water intake. Water is fuel for the body, it gets everything moving and keeps your organs functioning at optimum levels, without it you simply cannot perform at your best.

Additionally it is very important to keep your muscles fully hydrated, as this in turn will enhance your training ability. The body also holds between 5 to 10 pounds of intramuscular water, if you don’t drink a sufficient amount of water it will cause your body to hold whatever water it can, resulting in bloating.



We’ve all heard the phrase fail to prepare.. prepare to fail. This is in fact true! Preparation is the key to success. You should plan your breakfast and snacks in advance, preferably the night before. Know your calories and macronutrient requirements and portion out your food into meals that you can eat throughout the day. By doing this you will stay on top of your nutrition which is essential when it comes to speeding up fat loss.

Overnight oats make for an excellent breakfast which can be quickly consumed with no make up time. Simply reach in the fridge, grab a spoon and consume.

To prepare:

Add 40 grams of oats in a bowl with 150 grams of a desired yoghurt. Add honey or fruit to taste. Mix and allow to set in the fridge overnight.

Want extra protein in that meal? Add a scoop of your desired Whey Protein blend to the bowl on the morning on consumption.

Note: do not add the whey protein on the night before as some whey blend have a lower half life than others and thus will denature during the refrigeration period.

Overnight oats.


Trying find the perfect balance of protein and carbs can be tricky, too many carbs and you won’t lose the weight as quickly, too few and you won’t have the energy. Increasing protein and having just enough carbohydrates to fuel your training sessions is the perfect way to significantly speed up fat loss.

Incorporating a healthy amount of protein into your diet will help with muscle retention, speeding up recovery time from your workouts, and will help with satiety on a diet. You should incorporate carbohydrates around your workouts to maximise their effectiveness, if you are an early riser and train first thing in the morning, be sure you to consume complex carbs with your last meal before bed so you have a fast energy source for your workout.

Prefer training fasted? Then you should consider using a BCAA supplement throughout your session to protect your muscles from catabolism. For further information regarding the best supplements for your body type and a tailor made plan visit the SLFitness Store.




Believe it or not there is such a thing as good and bad fats.. Consuming good fats in the morning will give you long lasting energy throughout the day, in turn boosting your metabolism! Good sources of long and medium chain triglycerides such as avocado, coconut oil, nuts/seeds, and egg yolks are nutritious sources of fat that should be incorporated into any fat loss diet.

If you require further assistance in knowing what is right for your body-type get in touch today.

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