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Fats are your friend.

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Hey guys, Spencer Lissamore here…

Nutrient Partitioning – fats:


“Fats are your friend”


They used to be construed as evil but the dietary tables have most definitely turned. That said, people still fail to realise this… *sigh*

The classical reasons for this bad reputation are normally only due to saturated fat – but only high levels of it cause problems such as inflammation and insulin resistance.

The thing is; fats have a completely different effect on you depending on whether you are high-carb or low-carb. If you are low carb then higher SATURATED fats DECREASE inflammation.


This is because less carbohydrates are converted to fat via a process known as de novo lipogenesis, so the end result is that your markers for inflammation and insulin resistance decrease – that’s a good thing mofo!

Furthermore, fats increase testosterone (buzzing guys!) as they increase arachidonic acid a precursor of Test! and I for one lurrrrveee the vitamin T!

Don’t be scared of saturated fats. A balance is required – that way you optimise hormonal response, increase insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

Have a great week folks!

– Coach SL.

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