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Durell. C gained 19lbs in lean muscle mass. Wait til’ you see how he did it…

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Age: 36

Before weight: 165lbs

After weight: 184lbs

All of the above was achieved over a very sustainable 7 months. Durell took on a FREE SLFitness Plan and we decided to reduce the amount of cardiovascular work in his schedule.

We first increased calorie intake so that Durell was in a surplus each day – this was by 300 calories per day to ensure we were feeding the system all the key nutrients (and more) it needed for optimal muscle growth.

During this 7 month period with Spencer Lissamore Fitness we managed to keep fat gain to a minimal.

Consistency played a key role as does any sustainable and positive result plan.

When Durell first came to SLFitness he was training and eating however not logging any of his information; we then logged all his previous nutrition habits and old workout plan to see where he was going wrong and how we could address these areas of need.

Durell managed to drop 9% in body fat through his 7 months with Spencer Lissamore Fitness.

17.1lbs in body-fat mass and fluid retention was removed.

“That’s 1 stone and 3.1lbs!”

7.76kg for my English clientele.

Durell was an Online Coaching client and so we never have met face to face, especially seems how he is from Louisiana. The support system we used was through Direct Messaging on Instagram in the first instance where we then arranged What’s App calls, messaging and a Skype conference for each weekly check-in.

Your FREE trial is just a click away. Simply visit the SLFitness Store or visit the link above in this Blog post.

You’re a credit to yourself Durell excellent work and I look forward to working with you in the future!

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