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Dominate one’s morning, dominate one’s day.

Morning breakfast.

Here is how your morning could look…

Wake up (no “snooze” button!).

Make your bed (this is a Navy Seal trick – by making your bed, you’ve already achieved something! Plus you come back to a tidier and more ordered home).

Sit quietly with no distractions (away from phone, computer, TV) – in a comfortable space or even outside. Meditate, if that’s your thing.

Write down 3 things you are grateful for (focusing on gratitude puts you in a positive mindset).

Write down 3 things you must get done today (keeping a to-do list short helps you actually get it done).

Do something active (a short walk, stretching, some yoga).

Get outside (for your walk, or just to stand on your decking or in your garden).

Shower, dress smartly (even if you work at home).



Take your time, but don’t waste it.

Achieve a small task before you leave the house.

Check in with your thoughts.

Journal, including a few things you’re grateful for.

Write a to do list, but don’t make it too long.

Move your body and get some fresh air!


Why is a morning routine important for health and fitness…

I’ve already pointed out that winning at your morning means you’ll go on to have a more productive, positive day. But the benefits go beyond your workload. If you start the morning feeling in control, you are more likely to:

Be active during the day, because you’ll feel more energised and less lethargic. This means you’ll probably hit your steps goal, which will help you burn more calories through NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

Go and exercise, because you’ll have more time! A morning routine means you’re likely to leave work on time, not get home late feeling like you need to collapse on the sofa.

Stick to pre-arranged workout plans with your PT or training partner. Feeling in control of your day means you can stick to your plans, not sacrifice them to catching up on deadlines. All my clients as part of my Spencer Lissamore Fitness Team have vouched in admitting that their productivity, positivity and progress has excelled through having a structured and pre-arranged morning routine. (Be aware of the 5 P’s – preparation prevents piss poor performance!).

Prep your own food, remember to take dinner out of the freezer, and have time to take your own lunch to work. All this means you can avoid grabbing convenience foods, which will help you stay in control of your calories.

Make positive food choices from breakfast to dinner. If you feel rested, energised, and calm, you are less likely to crave comfort foods or grab unhealthy choices. Start the day with a good breakfast and you’ll want to keep the trend going.

Go to bed earlier, which obviously means you’ll get more good quality sleep. If you are in control of your day, you’re less likely to stay up late trying to finish off work, clear emails, or catch up on social media.


Is it time you created a morning routine that helps you dominate the day?


Hope this article has helped you, but if you have any more questions about a morning routine or anything health & fitness related please don’t hesitate to drop me a direct inbox, whats app or call and ask me a question.

Have a great week friends, clients and family alike.

– SL

Dominate your day.
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