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Colouring books for adults.

The process of self fulfilment is the best achievement you can get.

Hey do you ever seen those adult colouring books?

People love those things, I see adverts for them on my facebook all the time accompanied with testimonials like:

“They really help me unwind and de-stress”

“They put me in a much better mindset for the day”

Duh… Of course they do…


Because you’re starting something that no-one is forcing you to do and you’re finishing it…

There’s no special trick, there isn’t a part of the human brain that gets off on colouring, it’s simply choosing to do something and following through to a clear finishing point….

So what am I saying? Go buy an adult colour book?

No you softy.

Unless you want to, I don’t care…

What I’m saying is that the feeling of stress relief, positivity, fulfilment, happiness comes from putting the work in and seeing things through.


Choose to do something that is going to push you forward, decide on what the indicator of completion is and follow through with it until you reach that point.

The tougher the work and the bigger the effective of the end results the more you’ll experience these awesome mental benefits…

So instead of colouring… what are you going to do today?

Sign up to my Transformation Programme and see your self fulfilment achieved!

Speak soon,

Coach TransformedbySpence.

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