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Client Spotlight: Mark Higgs

Mark Higgs
Mark Higgs

💫Since May Mark has managed:

✂️A drop of 11.7kg in body weight

✂️Removed 14.7% body-fat (20lbs)

✂️Shed 14lbs in water retention! (That’s a stone in fluid weight!)

☝🏾Increased muscle mass by 6.2%!

📉Dropped his visceral fat by 5.

SLF Notes.

📝All information has been gathered from Tanita BC Segmental Body Composition Monitor Scales*

Re-feed day for client Mark.
Mark Higgs recognition post.

Mark has always been active, but when his bulk phase ended he wanted to see just what he can do to his physique in 12 weeks. The 12 weeks are now finished and the results are phenomenal!

Back comparison.

He noticed the changes in people around him also enrolled with SLF and so wanted a piece of the action.

Now we introduce yet more cardiovascular and natural fat burners into the mix we are only going to get even more fat removed.

If you want to get in the shape of your life in the next 8 weeks you’ve only got 6 days left to sign up!


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