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Client Recognition: Jennifer Osborne

🎉Client recognition time! This time to Jen Osborne for her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her goals.

Weight loss

🔨Jennifer started off with myself at 95.1kg, focused on improving her overall fitness and reducing body weight and fat we devised a fat burning programme.

Weight loss

🔥Each fortnight we undergo a PT session whilst she continues her efforts through the use of the SLFitness app and Pure Gym classes. ✅She keeps her Fitbit progress up to date and always reaches her expenditure goals for the day.

Fitbit integration
Fibit integration - steps tracking

✅Her nutrition is on point whilst we still take into consideration social events and of course festive GIN!🍸

✅She has lost a staggering 5.9kg of weight thus far. ✅Down 4.5kg in body fat mass!


☝🏾Figures are great however she tells me she feels a lot more confident in herself but I as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach feel privileged to have her as a client due to her ongoing drive and determination. 💯

Keep up the great work!

Personal Training

If you’re interested in getting results with personal progress tracking and record keeping along the way get in touch for a consultation. 🌐📩📧

Online Coaching
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