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Client Recognition: Jennie Orme – Post SLFitness Women's 6 Week Schedule

💥Client Recognition: Jennie Orme!💥

📈A huge congratulations to my Hybrid (Online and 1:1) Client Jennie on her awesome results thus far!

✅ -6.4kg weight removed ✅ -3.8% body fat gone ✅ Stronger lifts in all aspects ✅ 7.5 inches lost from her waist ✅ 1 inch lost from her hips ✅ Feeling fitter, stronger and happier than ever!

☝🏾Jennie approached me with an interest in the SLFitness Women’s 6 Week Transformation Schedule. She needed knowledge on weights, use of resistance machines and a set structure to follow throughout.

💚After making the purchase we sat down went through what type of nutrition plan would be feasible to follow and would suit her best. We then went onto understanding of the SLFitness app and how to go about following the workouts with step by step guides along the way. With a combination of Pure Gym – Hednesford classes she is now on a set road for achieving the best shape ever for Christmas! 🎉

Great work Jen! I’m glad to keep you onboard! X

📥If you want results that are achieveable, manageable and realistic before the Winter calories take hold get in touch now or purchase a program from the package selector link below!📩

Think Fitness? Think SLFitness! 📊



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