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Client Recognition: Ben Squire

SLFitness Client: Ben Squire

☝🏾Client recognition this week goes to Ben Squire.

Absolutely incredible drop in weight and body fat from his cutting plan as he wanted to get holiday ready! So what did he achieve in just 4 weeks?

🔥5.2kg removed in weight

🔥Of which 4.7kg was all body fat mass! This may be my best yet!

All within an excellent time frame and we still have months ahead of us! This is all about results and I base all my trust in my clients ability to be honest with me and themselves.

Ben Squire
Fresh produce

🍠🥔We made necessary adjustments along the way as Ben lost his tooth for sweet potato.


⚽️He kept his cardiovascular and energy expenditure in tip top form by incorporating football, boxing and light weight circuits regularly.

🤮🤕He still made great results despite falling ill during the mentioned timeframe.


🍾🍻🍺🥃Ben is still able and was still able to attend birthday piss ups with friends over the time.

Client: Ben Squire out for drinks

🍛🍲Curries for cheat meals made dieting a lot more sane for him also.

Excellent work Ben! A prime example of how results can be achieved with the right mindset and dedication despite setbacks!


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