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Client Recognition and 28-Day Transformation: Adam Williams

As part of the TrainwithSpence programming. Results will come thick and fast… Client Adam Williams is absolutely smashing his transformation process and these figures don’t lie!

Since the 01/03/2018 when JD Gyms – Wolverhampton first opened it’s doors we have managed to fit an average of 3 sessions per week:

1. Dropped 8.3lbs in bodyweight 2. Improve strength by 17% in all category of lifts 3. Dropped 6.1% in body fat mass 4. Cleared a once cloudy mindset on goals 5. Improved self confidence 6. Altered body composition to reveal a firmer, leaner physique.

A superb business man, gent and established good friend. It is a pleasure to have you aboard the SLFitness Team.

The next phase… “The Roman Breast Plate Programme”

RIP Pectorals.

Adam Williams has been with myself since the opening of JD – Gym Wolverhampton.

Adam – “Fantastic results from a fanatic personal trainer Spencer Lissamore PT your knowledge and approach to fitness is the main reason I’ve got to were I am.

Real motivation and encouragement 👍💪”

Following a flexible meal plan and rigorous training plan assigned by myself, training with myself he has made some amazing results. But don’t just take my word for it…

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