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Children in Need challenge? Mt. Kilimanjaro? Completed it mate. SLFitness style.


Spencer’s Climbing the equivalent of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the Stairmill! 38,680 steps on the Matrix Stairmill for BBC Children in Need because every child deserves a chance at life.

I’m doing my thing for BBC Children in Need. As a grant maker, they support disadvantaged children and young people all across the UK. With our support, they are able to change almost half a million young lives across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland every single year.

Just to put things into perspective:

– 38,680 steps on the Stairmill

– At level 14 (100SPM – Steps Per Minute) this will take 7.5 hours

– The Stairmill max time is 90 minutes (thank the Lord)

– That’s 2,578 flights of stairs.

– This challenge is usually divided between a team of 6-12, but I’m a beast.

– I may die.

“Buuuut I didn’t die and after 7 hours 46 minutes on the Stairmill and 38,680 steps covered in total, all for Children in Need it is completed!”

Stairmill steps

Thank you to all those who donated and contributed by adding their own steps to the bill…

PureGym Hednesford members (£5 donated for every 1000 steps contributed):

1. Lee Hallam – 2000 steps – £10

2. Trish Wilshire – 1000 steps – £5

3. Daniel Adshead – 1000 steps – £5

4. Rick Deeley – 1000 steps – £5

5. Lesley Hodgkins – 2000 steps – £10


A total of £175 raised for such a great cause! If you still wish to donate you can come in club to do so or visit the link below:


Thank you all once again for your support and keep it SLFit baby!


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