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"The Muffin Top"

“How do I get rid of this stubborn belly fat that sits just above my boxer’s Bro?”

– Another eager male wanting to get shredded for the summer. And can you blame them? Absolutely not!

But starving yourself isn’t going to do it.

Endless sit ups isn’t going to do it.

Your body is storing fat there because it loves it. It loves body fat and the last thing it wants to do is let the last bit go if it isn’t getting a good consistent supply.

Your body uses fat more then any other micronutrient for survival.

It uses it to:

Transport protein,

Absorb vitamins A,D,E and K,

Lubricate organs,



Hormone production,

and much, much more.

So if you are not eating optimally and training in the correct way your body is going to save as much body fat as it can,

Male Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

So how do you get rid of it?


Make sure you are not giving your body so much food that it has no choice but to store most of it as fat.

Eat a good consistent supply of healthy fats,

Teach your body that fats are your primary fuel source, a good way to start with this is to eat a high fat breakfast,

Make sure you are not stressed for a prolonged period, mentally or physically, this will lead to high cortisol levels which will hinder fat loss.

Ensure your anabolic hormone production (this is the absolute key player to stripping fat) is optimal. This is done by key focused training and disciplined, dialled in nutrition to ensure only wholesome, nutritious and beneficial foods are making your engine fire on all cyclinders day in, day out.

So if you’re the guy heading straight for the skimmed milk and the light ‘butter’, stop… fat is good, your body needs it, tuck in. Still not convinced?

Get yourself an Spencer Lissamore Fitness Plan and see otherwise.

– Nutritional guidelines for your specific bodytype

– Tailor made nutrition plan for each day

– Workout schedule to follow alongside

– Confidential client portal to upload progress photographs

– Update measurements and body stats at your convenience

– Become the man you’ve always wanted to be

– Change your mindset and confidence with the body you’re in

– Win at Life.

– Coach SL.

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