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Good Morning, Happy Tuesday to you!

Yesterday I talked to you about body types, how they differ and how to identify which one you are.

Once you’re aware of this you can manipulate your training to take advantage of your specific body type and speed up results, here’s how to do it…


Ectomorphs metabolisms are supercharged, this means they struggle to hold onto weight so gaining muscle can be tough. For this reason shorter sessions focusing on the lifts with the biggest muscular stress and more rest in-between sessions is optimal.

I would suggest training with an upper / lower split or a simple PPL routine allowing plenty of rest between sessions and keeping each session at no more than 40 mins.

Ectomorphs will also want to limit cardio due to their bodies ability to burn through calories so easily.

With regards to nutrition, ectomorphs must not only ensure testosterone and growth hormone levels are optimal by following the nutritional guidelines in the Male Muscle Build Plan, but during their calculation of roughly how many calories they should be having daily and how to break those down (also covered in Male Muscle Build Plan) they will want to lean towards a higher carbohydrate approach.


Mesomorphs build muscle more easily than most but will also gain fat more easily than ectomorphs. For this reason a combination of compound lifting and metabolic conditioning would be optimal for a mesomorph. They require less rest in between sessions when compared to an ectomorph so for optimal results they should lean towards workouts that involve compound lifts in a wide rep range, a few isolation exercises and intense metabolic conditioning with the focus being on resistance.


Endomorphs ability to gain muscle but over active ability to gain fat means following the fat stripping principles in The Male & Female Fat Loss Plan(s) are essential. Endomorphs should also lean towards a higher fat ratio when calculating their rough daily intake and macronutrient breakdown.

With regards to training, compound lifts are vital. Not only for their hormone optimisation and strength gain but also for their fat burning effects. This should be done alongside a good amount of metabolic conditioning and cardio so for optimal results endomorphs should lean towards weight training 3-4 times per week with 1-3 session of either cardio or metabolic conditioning with the focus split between high intensity and resistance.

If you missed yesterdays email on selecting your body type go back and check your inbox, if you didn’t receive it because you only just joined us today let me know and I can fire it across.


It is important that we can discuss your goals prior to choosing your plan so we can tailor make it and give it the finer tweaks to ensure you’ll be making the most efficient progress you can throughout your journey with SLFitness/Transformed by Spence.

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