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Are your calories right for you? – How to check by SLFitness.

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One of the most common questions I get from new clients is…

“Why are my calories so high?!”

To me, this is an insane question.

It’s like asking, “why have I got so much money?!”, “why am I so happy?!”.

Calories are a GOOD thing.

In fact, regardless of your goal, we want calories to be as high as possible without infringing on your goal.

Fat Loss = eat as many calories as possible while still hitting your target rate of weight loss.

Muscle gain = eat as many calories as possible while minimising body fat gain.

Simples. *In meerkat voice.*

Whenever I set calorie targets for clients, I start on the high side and then, crucially, we adjust over time.

And that last part is crucial!

Your calorie targets on day 1 are very VERY unlikely to take you to your end goal, no matter how many factors you used in your calorie calculations.

The human body is an expert in adapting to what we do to it and, over time, if you eat fewer calories, your body will adapt.

Therefore, the key to a successful diet is being able to make the right adjustments, at the right time and by the right amount.

I estimate in coaching over 100 clients with nutrition plans I have made over 2000 adjustments to nutrition plans and calorie goals.

Let me tell you, there is indeed an art to it and unfortunately, it’s not always intuitive.

Overtime, I have developed a helpful formula for my clients when trying to achieve their goals.

Honestly, I am pretty damn proud about it. So much so that I’ve made a product and set of tools that will automatically keep you focused and adjust your diet for you on a weekly basis, depending on how you progress and adhere to your plan.

It’s called the “SLF Calorie Crunch Plan.”

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It includes:

– A 12 week training programme. – A re-usable, auto-adjusting diet tracker. – A calorie calculator.

– A integrated, itemised shopping list.

– A integrated FitBit connectivity tool.

– Full 24 hour availability and SLF Coach communication.

In a day or so, we’re doing to be running a 48-hour flash sale of this to email subscribers only.

Full details will follow tomorrow so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for this amazing Pre-Christmas deal!

Coach SL.

Spencer Lissamore Fitness

For now, if you wish to trial The FREE SLF 5 Day Fat Loss Programme. Click HERE.

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