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Are Your Calories Right For You? - How To Check

One of the most common questions I get from new clients is...

"Why are my calories so high?!"

To me, this is an insane question. It's like asking, "why have I got so much money?!", "why am I so happy?!".

Calories are a GOOD thing.

In fact, regardless of your goal, we want calories to be as high as possible without infringing on your goal.

Fat Loss = eat as many calories as possible while still hitting your target rate of weight loss.

Muscle gain = eat as many calories as possible while minimising body fat gain.Simples. *In meerkat voice.*

Whenever I set calorie targets for clients, I start on the high side and then, crucially, we adjust over time. And that last part is crucial!

Your calorie targets on day 1 are very VERY unlikely to take you to your end goal, no matter how many factors you used in your calorie calculations. The human body is an expert in adapting to what we do to it and, over time, if you eat fewer calories, your body will adapt.

Therefore, the key to a successful diet is being able to make the right adjustments, at the right time and by the right amount.

I estimate in coaching over 100 clients with nutrition plans I have made over 2000 adjustments to nutrition plans and calorie goals.

Let me tell you, there is indeed an art to it and unfortunately, it's not always intuitive.

Overtime, I have developed a helpful formula for my clients when trying to achieve their goals. Honestly, I am pretty damn proud about it. So much so that I've made a product and set of tools that will automatically keep you focused and adjust your diet for you on a weekly basis, depending on how you progress and adhere to your plan.

It's called the "SLF Calorie Crunch Plan."

It includes:

- A 12 week training programme.

- A re-usable, auto-adjusting diet tracker.

- A calorie calculator.

- A integrated, itemised shopping list.

- A integrated FitBit connectivity tool.

- Full 24 hour availability and SLF Coach communication.


All tips and tools you'll need to achieve your fitness goals!

12 Week Programme to get RESULTS!

A easily broken down macro-nutrient guide on what Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats you should be consuming on a daily basis.

A vitamin and supplement guide with every purchase to help you keep on-top of your specific goal(s).

Over 100 healthy recipes & meal ideas. Understanding Nutrition to it's utmost allowing you to spend more time on other aspects of life.

Healthy Itemised Shopping List specific to your Diet Planning.

Coach Spencer Lissamore PT

Included in this package is all the tips and tools you'll need to achieve your fitness goals; a easily broken down macro-nutrient guide on what Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats you should be consuming on a daily basis, the Ultimate SLF Vitamin and Supplement guide, over 100 healthy recipes and meal ideas, a portion control guide for on the move, the SLF Carbohydrate Cycling Guide, itemised shopping lists, exclusive full-time access to the SLFApp, 24/7 communication to myself as your Coach.

Spencer Lissamore, a Personal Trainer and Online Coach, offers custom meals plan and nutrition program offers insight into personalising weight loss plans by incorporating customised dietary guidelines, healthy recipe, meal and snack options, in combination with proper exercise. Maintaining healthy nutrition requires making long-term lifestyle changes instead of looking for a short-term fix. Consistently adhering to a healthy diet can be aided by meal or menu planning that takes the guesswork out of achieving your weight loss goals.

Keeping your health goals in mind, eating the right foods at the right time is key. It is important to remember that our bodies are not machines and they do not change overnight. Eating healthy for a day, or working out for one hour does not guarantee results. That’s why my personal training programs emphasise setting specific, attainable goals through proper nutrition and exercise intervention. This means creating dynamic, customised diet, nutrition, and food programs that keep you accountable and motivated towards achieving your fitness goals. Since proper nutrition also includes maintaining adequate hydration, electrolyte levels, caloric intake and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) replenishment, Spencer Lissamore additionally identifies how to properly maintain each individual component.

Our bodies are constantly undergoing an internal tug-of-war to balance our nutritional needs with our daily energy expenditures and body functions. Proper fuelling is necessary for our bodies to utilise our diet most effectively for nutrient replenishment and muscle growth; this means focusing on implementing specific eating strategies: eating the right food types at the right time.

Whether you are looking to loose weight or gain lean muscle, proper nutrition is 75-80% of accomplishing any and all fitness goals. At Spencer Lissamore Fitness, there are several options for you to choose from to customise your meal plan and maximise your results.

We focus on fitness and health education, nutritional counselling and exercise planning so that you receive the motivational support you need and consistency to achieve and maintain your ideal state of health. Whether it’s helping you with specific weight loss goals, loosing inches off your waist, reducing belly fat or finding the right exercises for your individual body type and fitness goals, Spencer Lissamore Fitness is by your side, one-on-one.

My comprehensive nutrition plan includes personalised menus and meal options, healthy shopping lists, nutrition breakdowns for different food types, vitamin, mineral and supplement recommendations, along with personalised recipes for healthy eating based on your unique weight-loss goals and recommended daily caloric intake. Each of these services is based on your unique body type and individual requirements. By assessing your physical and athletic, anthropometric parameters such as body weight, height, body fat percentage and waist circumference, along with your current eating habits and food preferences we can customise a nutrition plan and schedule that best fits your specific needs and goals.

First consultation will address your:

– Current eating habits

– Food allergies

– Blood type

– Medications

– Hormone and Oestrogen Levels

– Blood pressure and Cholesterol

– Eating schedule

– Food preferences

– Favourite restaurant foods and healthy alternatives

– Specific dietary strengths and weaknesses

– Food shopping habits

– Cooking & Food Preparation

Our follow-up consists of a daily dietary recall and 2-week food journal to accurately assess your true caloric intake and nutrition. This allows us to customise a meal plan that can you both enjoy and follow. We know variety is key for sticking with any diet plan, so I offer you options that are appealing to your specific tastes.

We know that ‘dieting’ can be laborious and monotonous, especially when your meal options are limited. That’s why I take the time to identify the problem areas specific to each of my clients’ nutritional needs. Since no two people are the same, their meals shouldn’t all be either. By assessing your past and current eating habits, medical history, dietary preferences and athletic status and health goals, I aspire to customise a flexible and varied nutrition plan that is easy to follow and realistic to adhere to. I focus on educating my clients to understand the differences in calorie types, portion sizing and body metabolism so they can focus on ‘the big picture’ by breaking down the basics.

All of my nutrition programs include customised shopping lists that identify healthy sources for proteins, carbohydrates and fats, along with specific suggestions for vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits, lean meats and dairy etc. Aside from finding appropriate food options from the healthiest sources, I provide the resources to explain the best way to prepare foods so you reap the benefits of healthy options that taste delicious. If this wasn’t specific enough, I also include individualised menus and recipes for your specific cuisine preferences. Whether you’re a Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian or Omnivore I offer a variety of options for breakfast, snacks on the go, lunch, dinner, deserts, smoothies, soups salads and more. More importantly, I base my recommendations around your work schedule and professional demands.

Do you prefer to eat out? Let me know your favourite restaurants and I'll let you know the healthiest dishes there, along with an estimated nutritional breakdown of each menu option. If you like eating at home, but not cooking, we can liaise with the surround meal prep companies to arrange your meals to be delivered (additional fees required).

12-Week Custom Meal Plan & Nutrition Program

– What it includes: Several daily meal options, substitution ideas, snacks, breakfast, lunch dinner, favourite restaurant meal choices, grocery list, cheat meals, supplement and vitamin recommendation. A complete assessment and recommendation of daily calories, carbs, proteins, sugar, and fats. Each client will receive a printed copy and e-mailed PDF copy.

– Goals: Weight Loss, Losing Body Fat, Gaining Lean Muscle, Weight Gain, Fitness Show Preparation, Healthy Lifestyle.

*Each client must complete a one-on-one consultation and must log all meals and drinks for 24 hours before Meal Plan & Nutrition Program is created.

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