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Are you running yourself down?

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Hi guys, Spencer Lissamore Fitness here, so…

I don’t know what sort of training you enjoy, if you’re anything like me you enjoy moving heavy weights and getting some insane volume and pump within your muscles.

If there is one thing I dislike however it is long distance running. Long distance steady state running is not good for your testosterone levels, in fact, it leads to such a huge spike in cortisol it greatly reduces the production of it.

It also has negative effect on growth hormone, another important hormone we want to try and nurture.

The best type of running is short sharp bursts that actually boost the production of testosterone and growth hormone. This is known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Things like hill sprints are perfect. You pick a hill, sprint to the top and walk back down to the bottom then repeat… simple.

Your body is put under intense pressure during the upwards drive which lasts 10-30 seconds and then gets a chance to recover before doing it again. We could easily perform such a workout on a treadmill; increasing the incline gradient to anything over say 10% and sprinting at speed then dropping it down to an 0-2% gradient whereby we walk until we are ready for the next interval.

This can be time consuming and take focus off the workout at hand however, most treadmills these days do offer pre set programming whereby you can set the gradient and time for x amount of intervals.

But my personal favourite, and something that is so powerful it has frequently been referred to as ‘anabolic running’ is variations of ‘Fartlek’ training.

‘Fartlek’ is Swedish for ‘speed play’ and it’s exactly what it says on the tin… you play with the speed. You have no structure, no exact cycle to perform over and over, you just start running and mix up the intensity and speed.

A lot of people also call it ‘Lamp Post Running’ because a good way of doing it is to pick certain points like lamp posts as markers to switch the speed up. So you would jog to a lamp post, then sprint to the next one, then maybe jog to the next, then walk to the next, then sprint etc etc… completely random, which brings me onto another reason I think it is the optimal way to run.


It requires huge discipline.


When you have no structure and no set speed you have to hit, you can make it easy. Perhaps you want to walk the next ‘sprint round’ or stop walking and catch your breathe?

You need to remain focused and driven if you’re going to achieve anything in life. Whether its the body you’ve always dreamed of or the job, car or property you long to have. Disciplined teachings are paramount.

So today, when you have half an hour, go for a Fartlek run, push yourself, mess around with the structure. You’ll benefit in the way of masculine hormones, endurance, speed, fitness, discipline, focus and drive.

If you think you need that extra edge with nutrition or training but are not sure where to start when devising a plan.

Then get in touch today where I will be happy to talk you through the Online Coaching packages available specific to YOU!

Thanks for reading folks and Happy Hump Day!

— Coach SL.




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