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Accountability and Spencer Lissamore Fitness.

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You know despite all odds. No matter how hungry we MAY be. Regardless of how long it’s been since we last ate. We always find time to take photographs of our food before we’ve even considered reaching for the knife and fork.


So here at Spencer Lissamore Fitness I ensure all my clientele remain #accountable for what they consume. This simple, yet effective method allows them all to just sit back and consider what they’re about to digest.

Raising questions:

😫Is this nutritionally balanced? 🤔Could I do without this meal? 🤮Are my portions correct?

💡Enjoying a healthy lifestyle does not just boil down to your training and diet. But the phycological warfare you burden yourself with by consuming the foods which your body MAY not actually require.


“Accountability rules all.”


Remain accountable, remain focused. You have that slither of opportunity of when you’re about to SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook that whole cheesecake you’re about to ruin your weeks work with to just stop and say to yourself.

Well maybe that’s too much, maybe I could portion it, maybe I’m just thirsty, maybe I’m bored.

🚨Remember why you started…

Thanks for reading. For any Nutrition, Diet, Portion, Macro-Nutrient queries feel free to get in touch.

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