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A Warrior Mindset. Wednesday Wisdom.

The SLF background.

This is a lifestyle lost to everyone except those who have had no choice.

But you have a choice, now, today, how you are going to live.

You can do exactly what you did yesterday, which means you will be in the same place tomorrow as you are today.



You can aim for something bigger, calculate what its going to take to get there, discarding any notion that your calculations will force you to do something abnormal or unusual.

Abnormal is good, unusual is good… anything other than those 2 things is simply average, which puts you where everyone else is.

The average person is out of shape. They feed from poor food sources because they’ve never bothered to learn how to feed themselves properly, and even if they did, they lack the discipline to stay on track.


Spencer Lissamore Fitness changes all that…


Training if at all, lacks the structure and discipline needed to achieve a Warrior’s physique.

We were not born to be average.

We were destined for better things, great things as a matter of fact.


Join the SLFitness Team and prove to not only yourself but everybody around you that you can reach exponential potential.

This month I offer you the SLF TWT – a Ten Week Transformation where you can change your mindset, body and lifestyle in just 70 days.

Want to be apart of something great?

Want to be a Warrior amongst men and sheep?


Join me.


– Coach SL.

Ten Week Transformation.
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