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A muscle cuirass? Are you worthy?

A Roman Cuirass

I used to subscribe to every fitness magazine you can think of, and if I saw a workout plan with a picture of a muscle bound, shredded guy next to it, I would jump straight in and commit myself to that plan, desperate to see some change.

But the change never came, I wasted years on this, years I could have spent with a muscular masculine body I felt like the man in, years I could have spent as a better version of myself.

But I didn’t, I wasted those years following plans that I later learnt were actually designed for women!

I spent those years skinny, unable to build any real muscle, with stubborn fat I couldn’t shift.

The story behind this programme started when someone said to me in the gym: “Spence, how do you build a big chest?”

This whole time I sat there at the edge of a incline bench with dumbbells rested on my quads and looked down like bruh… but he asked and I lay them down and gave him his answer.




Yes it is the spice of life, but it is also the key to the foundations of building a chest worthy of the 300 Spartans. Many people believe that compound movements for the chest i.e. Barbell Bench Press is all that is needed to get a big ripped chest. Absolute boll*cks!

In order to build a Roman Breast Plate Chest you need to utilise both Dumbbells, machines and compound movements. Not only this you need to incorporate plyometric movements with bodyweight.

Hitting all angles of the pectoralis major is key to getting the best canvas, only once we have hit all the angles of the chest and built size, can we start to chip away at the “marble” and create striations through stability work and alternative exercises.

Example? Incline Bench Dumbbell Chest Press with a twist.

Rep Ranges? – 4×20/4×15 – Here we are looking at volume! Filling the muscle group with as much blood as possible; and so long as our Nutrition is on point or we’re following a structured Nutrition Plan from SLF we know the Chest will be provided with all the necessary nutrients it needs for optimal growth.

Make Chest Day a priority!

The best way to improve a specific muscle group is to give it priority in your training for a limited time. I’ve found that 8 weeks is long enough to produce gains, yet not so long that you risk overtraining.

📚🧐I’ve been training, researching, trialling, testing how to perfect the ultimate PECTORAL builder programme. And it’s your lucky day as I’m going to release it NOW!

🌐Introducing the… SLF Roman Breast Plate Package. An 8 week Programme designed to build a Bigger Chest and Upper Body.

💻The Best Chest Workouts the Fitness Industry has to offer and how to incorporate them into your training to build MASSIVE pecs. Development of the pectoral muscles is made simple with this 8 week programme from Spencer Lissamore Fitness.

📝A 5 day per week full body workout plan aimed to exhaust and promote growth of the Chest and Upper Body.

🏋🏻‍♂️Exercises included utilise free weights, resistance bands, cardiovascular and machine equipment to sculpt a Roman Breast Plate Chest.


📲Full SLFitness App access whilst using the Schedule with your own client 🤳🏾Portal to upload progress photographs, measurements, vital stats, nutrition, food and supplementation shopping list(s).

Add notes and view your previous workout history every step of the way with constant 24/7 communication between yourself and Coach SL.

🕺🏽Weekly check-ins with adjustments help you to remain accountable and stay focused throughout this intense 8 week programme.

SLF Roman Breast Plate

Get your schedule assigned today and start making some serious Chest gains!

The Roman Breast Plate Programme is now only £25.00! Use code:




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