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A guy called Kyle…


Yesterday afternoon I was talking with a guy called Kyle.

He’s on a mission, and he’s eating and training exactly how he believes he should to reach his goals:

Broad shoulders Big arms Big Chest Defined V Shaped Back Awesome 6-Pac blah blah…

He wants what I call a Roman Breast plate body. It’s the physique of a fighter, an alpha male… the body of a guy that is in total control, the guy that other guys see and think ‘That is not a man I wanna fu** with’

I told him straight. “I can get you there mate, you’ve got the motivation, you have the drive, you’re hungry for it now, but these things take time, you’re going to have to give me a few months of raw dedication”

What he said in reply should have shocked me, but after being in the fitness industry for a few years now, it didn’t.

“Yes mate! I’ve been training flat out for 5 years, whats a few months!’

He was telling me he’s been training for five years!!

The sad truth is, that’s not rare. So many men use magazine workouts and diet plans they find on sites and in magazines that are causing them to AT BEST gain a little bit of muscle.

This is what happened to Kyle, and this is what may be happening to you.. He got desperate for change. He read up on the subject and found a ‘perfect’ training programme and diet plan. Kyle gave that plan raw dedication for 12 weeks, throwing himself at every workout and being strict with every meal.

He gained a little bit of muscle….

He felt like that was his potential, so he spent the next few years see-sawing progress and sticking around the same mark. Kyle told me after that he felt like his genetics would only allow him to get that far, after all, he had done everything perfectly and followed a diet plan and training programme designed by a professional, so if that didn’t drastically change his body shape like he wanted, obviously he just didn’t have that good DNA.

The truth is, the plan he was following was not designed for men, (the SLFitness Roman Breast Plate programme is)

The training programme was designed by a body builder, someone who uses artificial hormones to manipulate their body, so their bodies react very, very differently to training.

The diet was written by a ‘professional’ who designed the exact same diet for men and women, and simply made a few changes to the quantity of food for the men.

This is wrong, and for the men following plans like this you are fighting with one hand behind your back and your laces tied together.

Our bodies are different, we MUST treat them a different way.

Once you start eating like a man and training like a Spartan you will change the way your body operates.

Broad shoulders Big arms Big Roman breast plate chest Defined V Shaped Back Awesome 6-Pac

These things all become something your body naturally adapts to and produces, what you are doing right now is holding your body back from naturally creating a body that looks this way..

Show ‘Roman Breast Plate Programme’ raw dedication for 12 weeks and I can guarantee you, it will change everything so drastically you will adapt it full time, it will become the way you eat, train and sleep. You will become a Gladiator.

This programme is not for the weak. Comment: ‘TRBPP’ to get your full information pack and change to the gladiator you’ve always wanted to become. ⚔️🛡️🗡️

Thanks for reading. I look forward to making you into a Gladiator, battle ready in 2018!


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