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A Diet & Exercise Plan from Transformed by Spence.


Unlike many other personal trainers all of my diets are carefully calculated based on the Schofield equation. Once payment is complete you will be re-directed to a detailed questionnaire. I will use the information provided alongside precise formulas to carefully work out your basal metabolic rate; creating a highly accurate analysis on your daily calorie and macro nutrient requirements. I will then build an easy to follow diet regime based on foods you like and dislike with specific portion sizes and frequent but structured cheat meals.


I will then carefully select appropriate exercises with in-depth explanations, diagrams and video demonstrations to show you exactly how to execute them. I can cater for anyone; even for clients who would prefer to train at home. I use a variety of different accredited training techniques to not only keep your training regime interesting but to also prevent adaption and progress slowing down; ensuring your goals are achieved in the shortest time frame possible.


I will also compose a supplementation plan fully tailored to you as an individual. Supplementation can be very confusing. With every company promising the world; it is hard to understand which products would benefit you and which would not. I will ensure that you do not get ripped off and I will only recommend supplementation that will support your goals. Upon request I will also include detailed explanations on what each supplement does and where to buy them from in order to keep the cost down.

All of the above is just £49


Once you have paid you will be re-directed my comprehensive questionnaire. I will use the answers provided to write out your initial programme.


Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE to contact me directly.


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