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7 habits to success: How to achieve your nutritional goals by Spencer Lissamore Fitness

🧡Everybody has to start somewhere and hopefully you’ve had a good look through your daily nutrition and see where you’re going wrong (if at all!)

🍎We all have our individual goals and with that; nutritional aims. Summer is coming and that means May will be a time of increasing cardio, counting macros and booking nice holidays.

🔥That said, in order for us to acquire a successful summer bod we need to consider the 7 habits to nutritional success:

1. Have two favourite tools – always have a few on hand to help with food prep. This reduces washing up frequency and improves diet adherence.

2. Rearrange your kitchen cabinets – make things you need to succeed readily available; protein shakes, countless Tupperware tubs with no lids. Let’s find the lids folks! Ensure they are visible to the eye and reachable by hand.

3. Keep your dining table free of clutter – eat undistracted and you’ll get fuller quicker and more efficiently. Mad yeah?

4. Don’t deny yourself – sweet tooth like me? F%^k yeah give me haribo over Doritos any day! Keep some dark chocolate to hand to satisfy cravings; grenade carb killa bars make for great sugar satisfying snacks also.

5. Spend more on vegetables and fruit – it’s simple. Pay cheap, pay twice. Quality over quantity anytime.

6. Park further away – while not a completely mindless environmental change, it has had a huge impact on my advanced clients. The benefit isn’t from the extra steps, although that isn’t a bad thing. For anyone who is already busy, driving can increase stress. Being late to work and fighting for a parking spot is the worst. By committing to parking father away, you will subconsciously leave a little extra time to get to your destination by procrastinating a little less. No more stress of fighting for a spot. This leaves you with more room to make better decisions on nutrition during the day.🤯

7. Free will and success – even if you don’t eat poorly, eliminating the choice to do so can relieve stress. The above suggestions are just what I have seen work the best for people. It will be helpful to take a step back and evaluate your surroundings and see what is making things harder for you to achieve your goals and think.

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