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Hi Guys Spencer Lissamore Fitness here so…

Yesterday I told you about my brand new SLF Ultimate Diet Plan – The Calorie Crunch Package and as I also mentioned, I am doing a 48 HOUR FLASH SALE for all of my products across the SLFitness Range.

Click here to SHOP!

Discount Code: 48PERCENT48HOURS

Inside this bespoke SLF package you will receive:

✅An .pdf manual that details exactly how I set up, manage and adjust everything I give to my client’s diet and training wise to achieve consistent results.

✅A adjusting diet tracking tool – simply enter your numbers every week and it will adjust your diet exactly using my custom formulae.

✅A 12-week training plan and precise diet and training recommendations for how to hit your goals in 12 weeks and beyond.

✅A re-usable, customisable diet and macro calculator.

✅A real-time progress dashboard so that you can always see at a glance exactly how well you’re doing.

For the next 48 hours only, this is available at 48% and under £100!

Yep, less than £100 for everything you need over the next 12 weeks in the precious run up to Christmas!

Interested in grabbing a copy?

This is only available for the next 48 hours!

Click HERE to get it today!

Thanks for using Spencer Lissamore Fitness!

P.S. After 13/10/2018 that discount code will no longer be redeemable!

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