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1️⃣SPEED LIFTS – speed lifts (e.g. box squats, speed deadlifts & speed bench press) are essential to increasing strength, acceleration and power. Loads around 60% 1RM should be used and moved as fast as possible. Accommodating resistance for example: bands and chains. This will further challenge your ability to accelerate the load. – Obviously explosive exercises that should come to mind are the Olympic lifts (e.g. clean & press and the snatch) however, medicine ball throws and kettlebell swings also fit into this category as well.

2️⃣LIFT HEAVY – if you want to get strong you have to lift heavy, sure, using light weights for high rep sets may give you some tone but doing so will never make you strong. – Lifting heavy requires a large amount of tension. You will be forced to recruit muscle fibres in places not normally directly activated by the lift. Tension is strength. The greater the weight the greater the amount of tension required.

3️⃣PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD – this protocol means systematically increasing your work load. This is a very important concept as doing the same thing over and over for extended periods of time will eventually yield no additional benefit. – Without progressive overload you will be spinning your wheels and moving nowhere fast!

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