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-3.9kg in 21 days and only 30% through the Ten Week Transformation Programme!

Client Demi Mitchell Week 3 Check-In

This is Demi Mitchell who signed up to my Ten Week Transformation Challenge.

Demi is now entering week 4 of her 10 Week Transformation and thus far has managed to drop 3.9 kilograms in 21 days and so is en route to getting the best shape of her life!

📉Reducing her body-fat percentage by -6%.

📉Losing -4cm off her waist and overall body dimension are all down!

Demi was struggling for motivation, lacked the knowledge of what to eat and how to train… probably just like you sat there reading this.

⭐️A star client to have! Abiding by the plan and even going to the cinemas with the other half equipped with a MyProtein Carb Crusher and a water, to even getting in some rest day cardiovascular minutes!💦

🔥The Ten Week Transformation Programme is not just 70 days of labouring and starvation. This is a lifestyle change both to alter mind and body negative habits. To ensure we’re turning our lives upside down and for the better.

☝🏾Demi is a prime example of what AMAZING results can be achieved in a short space of time if you just:

a. be consistent

b. stick to the plan

c. enjoy the process

✅You can achieve greatness just like this also! And all within 21 days providing you TAKE ACTION and follow Demi’s three main focuses as above…

I pride myself on my Online Coaching business and know with a mindset and dedicated attitude like Demi’s anything is possible!

I can’t wait to see her Week 10 check-in!

The Ten Week Transformation Challenge gives you the tangible end goal that 90% of gym goers are missing.

It gives you a reason to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning and say no to that glass of wine at the weekends.

You don’t have the be elite, or shredded to sign up for this. All aspects of entry fitness and capacity levels are considered.

It’s designed for those that know they want to make a change to their physique, mentality & lifestyle.

You join a group of 800+ and counting like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you as well as getting expert coaching from myself.

The timing of this challenge is also perfect to get in shape for summer… hence why it’s called “Ten Week Summer Shred” in some aspects of my other emails and programmes.


The Next Challenge starts in 9 days.



You have until Friday 31st May 2019 to fill out the questionnaires or reply to this email to express your interest.




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