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12 Week Transformation available NOW! (and not £999!)


So I have just witnessed this on a Personal Trainers web page…


£999 for 12 weeks.


This is absolutely absurd. Allow me to explain why:

– 4 sessions (is actually 2 sessions x 1 hour) – 16 (actually 8 sessions) in total. This already should amount to £240 MAX.

– Nutrition Pack – worth £20 apparently for 12 weeks? How wank must that be… £260 (you see where I’m going with this yeah?)

– Food Diary Analysis (£10p/m) – well the plan is 3 months long so… £290.

– Full macro guidance breakdown (which surely should be in the Nutrition Pack anyway?)

– Weekly reviews and Progress Tracking (superb let’s add say 3 to 6 hours tops. £500)

– Some other shit she mentions.

Subject to availability – (10/10 slots left I assume)

BOOK (Good Luck!)


So enough with the sarcasm Spence. My point?


Everything mentioned above is fine, but the PRICE! Those key features should always be incorporated into ANY Transformation programme you purchase Online.

This is not from a Z list celebrity nor someone who has been in the industry long and so to even consider charging that type of price is extortion.

My solution – I offer a 12 Week Transformation Package (you saw this one coming didn’t ya!) for just £150.

The SLF 12 Week Total Body Overhaul!

You’ll get all of the above but also be put into a Closed Facebook Community with other SLFitness clients where you can share your knowledge and experiences with other members.

Need support? It’s there – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s App, email, Messenger, iMessage, SMS, Phone Call, Skype, Sext… I’m available.


If you’re MALE Between the age of 22 and 34 Live on Planet Earth Have access to a Gym Preferably a mobile phone (with data)

Then I want you onboard!

Transform yourself and be in your best shape come March 2019.


Want to Trial my SLFApp for FREE?

Try the 5 Day HIIT Challenge.


E-mail What’s App: +447891 426489 Or simply Direct Message for your information pack regarding the 12 Week Transformation!

Have a great day folks!

Healthy Regards,

Coach SLF.



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